CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU (Central Processing Unit) known as Processor is an electronic device which perform all the operations of a device. A mobile processor can be throttled down to different power levels or sections of the chip can be turned off entirely when not in use.CPU is also called the brain of  device.

Clock rate is one of the main feature of measuring the speed of working of processor. High clock rate processor work faster the low clock rate processors. Clock rate is measured in GHz or kHz.

CPU is consist of cores. They have different number of core in processors single,dual-core,quad-core, hexa and octa-core etc.
Multi-core processors are faster because these divvy up the work you asking mobile to do.In this way mobile does work smoothly with out lagging. these helpful to capture high quality images and videos. More core better performance.for more info visit.

CPU (Multi core processors)


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